Food for dogs & cats

We are proud to present our new Luxembourg Animalux croquettes for dogs and cats! At Animalux, we believe the best nutrition is achieved with the highest quality ingredients.

Healthy, nutritious and delicious croquettes

For dogs and cats

Animalux is the first brand of croquettes in Luxembourg.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Animalux croquettes are made with fresh meat and are carefully balanced to provide a complete and delicious meal for your pet. We believe our pets deserve to eat real food, no grains or additives, and our croquettes reflects that belief.

Why Animalux makes the difference

Stay local

All our ingredients come from European producers, who respect the strictest standards. Animalux, a local company that is committed to local service and fair supply.

Tip-top quality

Animalux foods are made with a high content of fresh meat, pasture-raised, free-range and hormone-free. We only use ingredients that are truly superior in every way, that are fresh and of high quality, for a complete and balanced meal.

No compromise

Our croquettes are free of artificial additives, added sugars and cereals. We believe in providing nutritious food for your carnivorous companion and our croquettes are a delicious way to do it.

Our recipes for dogs

50% fresh* salmon meat

Recipe for puppy

Feed your growing little buddy with delicious salmon croquettes! With quality protein for strong, healthy development, omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, he’ll be happy to eat and his digestive system will be satisfied. Perfect for puppies up to 12 months old!

50% fresh* salmon meat

Recipe for adult dog

Give your adult dog the nutrition he deserves with these delicious croquettes. He will maintain a nice muscle mass, have a shiny skin and coat thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids, and will be happy to eat thanks to their appetizing flavor. In addition, digestion will be child’s play and his immune system will be strengthened. It’s a winning formula!

40% fresh* lamb meat

Recipe for adult dog

Let’s treat your adult companion to an exceptional dining experience with these lamb-rich foods! They contain essential nutrients for healthy digestion, they will be delighted to eat thanks to their appetizing flavor and can help control allergic reactions. It’s a nutritious choice for your best friend!

50% fresh* salmon meat

Recipe for small breed dogs

Feed your dog with our perfect formula for dogs under 10 kg! Small croquettes size, rich in protein, high caloric intake and a concentration of key nutrients for health from A to Z! Make the healthy choice for your dog!

50% fresh* poultry meat

Recipe for small to medium dogs

Feed your faithful companion with croquettes for dogs from 10 to 30 kg made from fresh poultry! Premium protein, irresistible flavor, key nutrients for health, easy digestion. A perfect choice for healthy dogs!

50% fresh* poultry meat

Recipe for medium to large dogs

Choose the best diet with our recipe based on fresh poultry! With irresistible taste, optimal caloric intake and generously sized croquettes suitable for the sturdy jaws of dogs over 30 kg, your dog will be in great health!

Our recipes for cats

50% fresh* chicken meat

Recipe for kitten

Discover our croquettes for kittens, rich in fresh chicken meat! An explosion of flavor for budding little felines. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Kittens will love it!

50% fresh* pheasant meat

Recipe for adult cat

Give your cat top-quality nutrition with our adult cat croquettes made with pheasant meat! High in protein, supporting muscle health and vitality. Happiness in croquettes for your beloved feline!

50% fresh* chicken meat

Recipe for sterilized cat

Make your sterilized cat’s health shine with our fresh chicken meat croquettes! Weight control, digestive health support, irresistible taste. A perfect diet for your beloved companion!

For the little story

Nicolas Friederich, the founder of Animalux, has always been a dreamer, and his idea for a new food was born from his love for his dachshund. He recognized a need for locally made, high quality, natural dog and cat food.

Dismayed to find that no such food existed, he surrounded himself with a team of like-minded experts and decided it was time to create a local brand, made in Luxembourg.

Thus was born a new food for pets made here in Luxembourg, which provides them with the best possible nutrition to be happy and healthy.

The recipes for each meal are adapted to the specific nutritional needs of dogs and cats according to their age and size.

He is proud to be able to supply this healthy and delicious food to dogs and cats throughout the Luxembourg region, and beyond.

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